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Our Mission

We are a competitive, tournament only fastpitch travel organization. Rage Fastpitch was formed in 2009 by a group of dedicated long time coaches and volunteers who were looking to offer a clean wholesome and fiercely competitive – PLAYER FIRST-Fastpitch organization. This in itself seems to be rare in sports. 


Michigan Rage lets our actions speak for themselves. We incorporate principals of practical sound judgment, fiscal and administrative experience. This experience allows us to choose the best coaches and organizational leaders to make the player and parents experience with the RAGE a lifelong positive experience. 

Our teams will compete at a high level of available tournaments and offer offseason workout facilities.


Rage Fastpitch’s idea of the perfect game is one in which only the players and the game are noticed; the coaches and umpires seem to disappear. Softball is fun because of the relationships that are formed on the field, the team unity, and the ability to accomplish a common goal together as a team. While a member of Rage Fastpitch, our players will learn about commitment, success, respect, pride, and responsibility. 



The purpose of this policy is to create a fair and consistent way to collect fees while establishing guidelines and expectations for both parents and coaches.  We realize that players and their families sometimes suffer financial hardships.  For that reason, we offer several options such as sponsorships and fundraising to assist in obtaining assistance in paying player fees.

Player Fee:

$1,000 per player. Price includes a helmet, two pairs of pants, two personalized jerseys, two pair of socks, t-shirt, window decal, team access to the indoor practice facility and a team tournament budget of $5000.  

Payment Schedule:

Upon Contract Signing - $200

September 20th - $200

October 20th - $200

November 20th - $200

January 20th - $200

If a player leaves the organization prior to the payment due dates, scheduled payments will be canceled.

Team Fund Raising Fee:

$1000 per team per season. Due each season by December 1st.

Sponsorship Fees:

100 percent of all sponsorship monies received will go directly to the player receiving the sponsorship. Only money paid by participant can be refunded, no sponsorship money can be refunded as cash. Sponsor money above the $1,000 player fee can be used for softball related items and activities and will require a receipt submission.

Uniform Order:

The initial uniform order will placed October 1st.  If players are added after this time additional fees that are incurred may be charged to the player.

Tournament Payments:

Each team will be allotted a tournament budget of $5,000 based on 12 players minus $300 for each player under 12 players. (Example: if a team has 11 players, their tournament budget will be $4,700). This will be available upon the payment completion of all players on that specific team as well as the $1,000 team fund raising fee.  Teams that wish to participate in a fall league or tournament may do so if all player payments are up to date.


At the conclusion of the season, parents may request a list of all expenditures.  Parents are encouraged to contact a board member throughout the season with any questions about money spent or to request to see a copy of the bank statements.  

Player Refund Policy:

No refunds will be given after payments are received on the payment due date. In the event of injuries or other unforeseen circumstances, requests for refunds will be reviewed by the Association Board at the end of the season. 

    ` Dan Huren/Andrew Lay

    Director of Rage Fastpitch

    Phone: 734-652-1375

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    • Organization Director/President
      • dan huren (734) 334-6524
      • Andrew Lay (734)652-1375
    • Treasurer
      • edward kamm (734)231-1912
      • jim bell (734) 658-0693
    • Secretary/registrar - 
      • Jason Gyolai  (734) 771-9672
    • Saftey Director
      • joe west (313)205-5488
      • nate smith (313)613-1622
      • tom bailey (734)771-9211
      • Andrew Lay (734)652-1375
      • joe west (313)205-5488
      • dan huren (734) 334-6524
      • edward kamm (734)231-1912





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